What Is a Window Treatment Service?

As the phrase says, window treatments are so much more than just window coverings. Treating windows are now thought of as a design element, and not simply covering them for functional purposes. Coverings can be used for privacy, insulation, and to filter out light; and even though most people consider window treatments to be more aesthetic, they can be functional also, which is why speaking to a professional window treatment service is so important.

Even though window treatments are said to be more decorative, this has since evolved and is regularly used to describe various kinds of window coverings. The likes of drapes, sheers, blinds, curtains, shutters, valances and cornices are all prime examples of today’s window coverings. More than one of the aforementioned can now be used in a design plan, and these kinds of arrangements can include function and style.

For instance, should you choose light filtering blinds, you may want to also install a valance that will soften the look or to add a bolder color scheme. Or, you could layer more than one treatment that will create a more dramatic look. Think about using floor length curtains with a cornice. Some designs will use several layers, like room-darkening shades that will filter light, and sheers to bring in more light when you want it. The can be topped off with drapes that are made out of luxurious fabric.

You could choose to go with a more traditional window treatment and mix it with something which is not so traditional, or maybe you prefer to forego these completely. Once popular covering is vinyl, this can mimic frosted or textured glass. This is a more interesting way to have privacy. And, to make this even more decorative, you could suspend a panel of stained glass in front of your window.

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